Rice Cup with Seaweed Soup 165g 씨제이 컵반 미역국밥 165g

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햇반 컵반(미역국밥)
165G / CJ
(Cooked rice 150g)Water 55.73%, Rice 44.05%, Glucono-d-lactone Less than 2% (Soup sauce 13g)Clam stock (Vegetable stock, Maltodextrin, Littleneck clam extract, Kelp extract, Salt, Water, Onion concentrate, Shiitake mushroom extract powder, Hydrolyzed wheat protein)31.9% Shrimp stock (Shrimp concentrate, Mussel concentrate, Salt, Glucose, Yeast extract powder)20.2%, Kelp extract (Kelp concentrate, Corn syrup, Kelp stock, Salt) 18.5%, Water 10.6%, Salt 4.1%, Acetylated distarch adipate 3.0%, Soy sauce (Water, Defatted soybean, Salt, Wheat, Sugar, Alcohol, Yeast extract, Koji, Sodium 5?-inosinate, Sodium 5?-guanylate, Licorice extract)2.9% Kelp anchovy extract (Corn syrup, Anchovy extract, Salt, Water, Kelp extract, Wheat gluten, Xanthan gum)2.3%, Palm shortening 2.1%, Sesame oil Less than 2% Green onion extract (Green onion, Salt) Less than 2, Monosodium L-glutamate Less than 2%, Flavour enhancer (Sodium 5?-inosinate, Sodium 5?-guanylate)Less than 2% (Seaweed flake 2g)Toasted seaweed chip 81.6%, Thickener (Potassium carbonate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium pyrophosphate)10.0%, Rice bran oil 6.4%, Sesame oil 2.0%
Temperature : Dry
Country of origin : South Korea.

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